Pooled Trust Options: A Guidebook

Written by Elder Law Attorney Renee C. Lovelace, MBA, JD, CELA
Published by the National PLAN Alliance, with a grant from the Center for Special Needs Trust Administration, Inc.

The purpose of this guide is:

  • To serve the best interest of people with disabilities
  • To provide as much guidance as possible to those who offer a pooled trust option
  • To increase success and sustainability for pooled trusts

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A Life Planning Workbook

A Life Planning Workbook is essential to guiding you through the planning process for the care of a loved one with a lifelong disability. This is the perfect tool to help you gather all the important information you need before you sit down to plan with a Pooled Trust administrator, attorney or financial planner.

A Life Planning Workbook is a designed to streamline the planning process to ensure the quality of life for a loved one with a lifelong disability is preserved when a family is no longer able or available to provide care and support.

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Guidelines for Pooled Trust Organizations

In 2016, National PLAN Alliance members, along with a number of executive directors and attorneys representing Pooled Special Needs Trusts (PSNTs) across the country, formed the National Pooled Trust Standards Committee.

A document titled Guidelines for Pooled Trust Organizations was developed by this group in order to support quality service delivery and to develop standards for consistency in PSNT administration and management. The guidelines identify key factors to benchmark development of quality PSNT programs.

National PLAN Alliance adopted the Guidelines for Pooled Trust Organizations in September 2017 as aspirational standards and recommends that members and others use them to guide organizational growth and development.

Please be advised that any entity adopting or referencing these guidelines should give attribution to the National Pooled Trust Committee.

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